Naturopath Tracey Loughran

Tracey Loughran, Naturopath and Taste Success Director
BHSc, Dip.Nutrition, Dip.Naturopathy

With an infinite passion for communicating on health issues, and a deep compassion for others, Naturopath and Taste Success Director, Tracey Loughran has a reputation for making a profound difference to people’s lives.

After over ten years in full time clinical practice as a Naturopath, seeing people struggle to get healthy meals sorted amongst their busy lives, Tracey recognised the need for an easy, wholefoods-based eating programme that would really help clients of her Flourish Naturopathic practice to take control of their health and live well. She developed the Taste Success programme, and since initially utilising it successfully in her own clinic, the programme has grown quite remarkably. It is now used by people throughout New Zealand, and reaching out to Canada and Australia also.

Tracey heads a team of people committed to delivering sensible nutrition plans that have a big impact on people’s health. She is also developing specialised programmes that target particular areas of health and wellbeing, such as skin health, gut health, and women’s hormone balance.

Her passion is to get to the cause of health issues, and treat naturally at that level to effect sustainable change. She firmly believes that nutrition is the foundation of healing for all.

If you have health issues that you are struggling to resolve, she is available for one-to-one appointments either in person, via Skype or phone. You can find out more about her services at: