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Nicola Binns, Programme Facilitator

Bursting with energy and fresh ideas, Nicola has always been passionate about health and fitness. A huge advocate in the power of nutrition, Nicola believes in the importance of establishing good habits, championing a whole food diet and regular exercise as key to maintaining optimum health and feeling great. Warm, friendly and approachable, Nicola will work with you every step of the way, to help you achieve the results you desire via the Taste Success Programme. She loves that the Taste Success recipes are simple and nutritious – they’re great for sharing with the family, which is hugely important in changing your lifestyle habits.

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Rebecca Hutchings, Programme Facilitator

Health and fitness have played a huge role in Rebecca's life for a number of years. She has completed degrees in sport science, and physiology, and is a clinical exercise physiologist. In the past year, she has started to develop a large interest in nutrition with her ultimate goal in life being a career in helping people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. Rebecca loves that Taste Success focuses on nutritious, whole foods, and learning about how to fuel your body in a sustainable way. She has been through battles with food in the past, which has led her to now understand that the food she puts into her body influences how she feels. She would love to help others begin to understand this as well. Rebecca is extremely passionate about improving the well-being of others, and doing it in a way that is enjoyable and looks forward to supporting you along this journey to a healthy lifestyle!

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Abilene Scott, Programme Facilitator

Abilene has worked in the Natural Health Industry for over 6 years, in that time she has studied Nutritional Science with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand, and now is a qualified Holistic Nutritionist.

Abilene chose to study nutrition because she believes that the food we eat, our environment and our daily habits are the foundations to our health and well-being. She is very passionate about educating and inspiring others into making positive changes to reach their health goals.

Abilene has two teenage children, and understands the pressures of life and how busy it can get. She is always on the look out for quick and easy nutritious recipes to make for her family. Abilene loves how the Taste Success Programme is packed with fresh whole foods that are nutrient-dense to give your body the nutrients required for good health and vitality.

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