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Bex Toghill, Programme Facilitator

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one? That’s exactly what Bex wondered to herself. Her current job and lifestyle was rewarding, but also restricting. Bex was loving life, but not living life. After breast cancer in 2017, a light went off bringing about exciting and positive changes in her life, amongst others a real appreciation of nutrition and wellness. A change of lifestyle and sense of adventure has recently led Bex and her outdoor family to the beautiful coastal city of New Plymouth. Bex has been keen on her health & fitness for years, but the nutrition and wellness part of the puzzle came together for her more recently. Like so many others, she spent many years at war with food, before finally becoming friends with it through education and the realisation that healthy does not mean boring. Bex is currently studying at the Naturopathic College of NZ and wants to use her passion, experience, energy & enthusiasm to make a healthy lifestyle a reality for hundreds of others. What she loves about Taste Success is that it is a lifestyle, not a fad, and one that can be easily incorporated into yours and your family’s daily life.

Contact Bex Now: bex@tastesuccess.co.nz