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ComplEat Wellness Team – Rose, Leisa and Leeanne, Programme Facilitators

The team at ComplEat Wellness are all passionate about healthy whole foods and enjoy encouraging people to incorporate healthy foods into their lifestyle. ComplEat Wellness have three Taste Success facilitators; Leeanne, Leisa and Rose. They all have families so realise that it is not always easy to put yourself first and focus on healthy eating, but with a great programme like Taste Success and the encouragement and support of your facilitator it takes the guess work away and provides you with the support to make positive lifestyle changes.

  • Leeanne Hall: Leeanne has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and prior to that she owned and managed her own hair salon. Leeanne is passionate about healthy wholefoods and is currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Leeanne has also done some personal training study.
  • Leisa Cournane: Leisa is a registered Naturopath, Medical Laboratory Scientist and Co-owner of ComplEat Wellness. Leisa believes that ‘food is the first medicine’ and what goes in your mouth can have a huge impact on long-term health and wellbeing.
  • Rose Keast: Rose is currently studying towards a Naturopathic qualification, which incorporates, nutrition, massage therapy, and other holistic health modalities. Rose has had a passion for healthy living her whole life and looks forward to sharing this with clients.

You can make a booking with either Leeanne, Leisa or Rose by emailing them at the addresses below, phoning 032179010 or you can book online here.

Contact Leeanne Now: leeanne@tastesuccess.co.nz

Contact Leisa Now: leisa@tastesuccess.co.nz

Contact Rose Now: rosek@tastesuccess.co.nz