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Sally Donovan, Programme Facilitator

Sally lives on the outskirts of Tauranga. As a mum of two teenagers, she knows that life can get hectic and unhealthy lifestyles can sneak up on us. Sally enjoys growing her own food and enjoys seeing it go from the garden or paddock to the plate. Sally realised the importance of preservative/additive free foods since having children and sees the impact it can have on behaviour and learning. Effectively supporting and guiding her individual clients and workplace groups through this simple-to-follow, Taste Success programme, ignited by her desire for better health outcomes, Sally will help you make life long changes to be the healthiest and consequently happiest version of yourself.

Contact Sally Now: sally@tastesuccess.co.nz

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Kylie Stowe, Programme Facilitator

Based in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, Kylie is a Nutrition & Health Coach, who is qualified in Human Nutrition, Natural Therapies, Mindfulness, Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management, and is in her final months of a Diploma in Health Science. Kylie’s passion for health & nutrition stems from her own journey & losing 45 kilos, all thanks to a holistic nutrition approach, and the belief that our body has an innate knowledge of what it needs, but that our busy modern lives disconnect us from that innate knowing. As a mother herself, Kylie has a passion for optimal health for mothers, particularly during pregnancy & breastfeeding, knowing just how important nutrition is during these special yet demanding life stages. Kylie also has extensive clinical experience working with people with a wide range of health challenges. Kylie loves that the Taste Success programme is a holistic health based program, that nurtures an intuitive approach to health & wellbeing in a simple easy to follow format. She looks forward to working collaboratively with you to achieve to achieve your wellness goals.

Contact Kylie Now: kylie@tastesuccess.co.nz