Gemma's Story

What led you to try the Taste Success programme?

I had heard about Taste Success through my sister. At this point of my own personal health issues I was willing to try anything - I was in pain and needed guidance in taking on a diet change which I later found out was a positive lifestyle change too!

How did you find the support information and follow up sessions over the twelve weeks?

Jess was very supportive over the course of the twelve weeks but she went above and beyond to help me on my journey. She rang me frequently, even when I had moved to another city and checked in with how I was going and most importantly how I was feeling. Throughout the course Jess cared, understood and I felt at times she was someone I could relate to. She had experienced it herself!

Are there any obvious 'changes' that you have noted?

My attitude and awareness! Honestly speaking it would also be self-love - knowing to care and nourish our bodies. This whole programme has changed my perspective, before this course I forgot about myself and my body was paying for it. Now I not only make healthy food choices I am mindful of my well being, attitude and stress relief.

Has the programme been difficult to stick to?

At times and I still do find it challenging to persist with being sugar free. However I know being sugar free I feel a million times better in myself and energised! I think this will be ongoing challenge but I think it helps to keep focused as I have done it before so know I can do it!

Now the 12-week programme is completed, what is your plan?

Continue to grow! This is just the beginning! This course has helped to focus my mindset and health - but has me thinking far beyond that. It’s more than the food that I put in my mouth - it is about being happy and enjoying the simple pleasures. Finding your strengths and adapting your lifestyle!

Tracey Loughran