Angela's Story

What led you to try the Taste Success programme? 

I had tried all kinds of fad diets, Weight Watchers etc., so it was very convenient that Amy stumbled across Taste Success and introduced it to our singing group. It sounded exactly the lifestyle path that I needed and would suit my busy lifestyle. Best. Move. EVER!!

How did you find the support information and follow up sessions over the twelve weeks?

Amy was an awesome #1 supporter. On the weeks where I was beating myself up for not “being good” or going off track due to family reasons, she gave me the confidence to pick myself up and move past it. I don’t think I could have done it without her support.

Are there any obvious 'changes' that you have noted?

Excluding the obvious physical changes that everyone else notices - body shape - I am sleeping better, haven’t been getting migraines, have more energy, more confidence, better skin, not so moody, less bloating.. the list goes on.

Has the programme been difficult to stick to?

The programme has been the easiest plan I have ever followed and with yummy meals that leave you feeling satisfied, it is incredibly easy to stick to. I don’t feel like I am missing out on any of the foods I once ate, so my body is getting everything it needs from the Taste Success menu. I just wish I had found this lifestyle 10 years ago!!

Now the 12-week programme is completed, what is your plan?

After finishing Taste Success “Refresh”, I plan to continue on, eating the meals and keeping on track. I would be a fool to fall back into my bad habits of the past. I feel so alive, energetic, clear-headed and like I have the power to take on the world.


Angela has completed our 12-week Foundations Programme and is 2 weeks away from finishing the Refresh Programme. She has currently lost 23kg and 80cm, and is feeling fantastic!

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Tracey Loughran