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Meet Our Passionate Taste Success Team.


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Tracey Loughan - Naturopath, Director

Tracey is an experienced naturopath based in Dunedin. She is the creator of Taste Success and a passionate advocate for health through good nutrition. Her philosophies centre around not going into battle with food, rather approaching change in a way that is achievable, and with as much loving kindness for yourself as possible. As such, she likes to work with the broader picture of good nutrition as a foundation to overall health improvement, and takes the time to hear your story. As a naturopath, with over ten years experience, she brings a wealth of support for a wide variety of health concerns. She uses a range of methods to assist in the healing process. These may include herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle recommendations, food intolerance testing, hormone assessments and more. She specialises in adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalances, and hormone issues. Find out more about Tracey's approach to health at Flourish Naturopathy.

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Alice Munro, Programme Manager

Alice has been advocating for healthy eating and sustainability throughout her teaching career. She has a BA in teaching and has been working in the sector for over six years. She has an ever growing devoted passion for holistic health and wellbeing with a focus on how she can educate and support others about how their food choices affect their bodies. She loves motivating people to be the best they can be and to help them achieve their goals. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she is a true inspiration, developing her own superfood baking brand as just one of her outlets of her passion for nutrition.

Jenny McKerrow, Programme Facilitator

I am a comprehensive trained nurse with a background in mental health and more recently I have completed a year of naturopathic studies. It is a real privilege to journey alongside people as they face the challenges and successes of attaining a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy preparing food that is nourishing and delicious and supporting others to find ways of doing this for themselves and their families. I believe the taste success programme embraces food as our medicine and can offer doable long term solutions for people wanting to lose weight and improve their health. I live in the beautiful historic town of Lawrence and I am available to travel to Balclutha and Central Otago to support clients.

Beckie Baird, Programme Facilitator

A registered nurse with a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle, which includes working with taste success. Nutrition is a major part of maintaining health and her passion for this helps individuals achieve wellbeing and vitality. She loves working with and educating these individuals to best meet their health needs. Beckie also has a special interest in cancer and Intravenous Vitamin-C.

Kaye McArthur, Programme Facilitator

A qualified nutrition and health coach who has a passion for real food that is seasonal and local. Together with her husband she owns and operates a market garden, and has over fourteen years experience in the fresh food industry. Kaye and her husband have three teenage children and she understands the pressures faced by families in today’s society. Her philosophy is variety and balance in life and food, and she will guide and encourage you through your journey to a healthy you.


Jessica Mathieson, Programme Facilitator

Jessica is a trained and experienced early childhood teacher with a love for whole, real foods. Based in Dunedin, she is currently training towards becoming a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about the health and well-being of others, and through Taste Success, she plans to share this passion and knowledge with her clients. She believes that the food we eat can make a huge difference to how we feel, think, and move, which inspires her to support others on their journey. In the weekends, you'll find her either shopping for her weekly produce at the Farmers Market or in her kitchen testing out a new recipe!